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My approach with Teams

I am an accredited executive coach and leadership facilitator and have worked with leaders and teams across corporate and public sectors. I trained in storytelling  at the International School of Storytelling 15 years ago and as well as being a performance storyteller myself I also facilitate tailor made story courses and workshops for small groups and individuals. With the aim being  to understand the power of using story as leaders, reflect and craft the story you want to tell and to get your message across authentically and with impact. My most recent clients have been the Tech SMT at Cazoo,  senior leaders at NATO, Essex County County Comms Team, The Grenfell Tower NHS community team, Grenfell Unite pressure group and Excel Nightingale COVID hospital team.

As a narrative practitioner I explore people's connections to their own stories and to others. It is these connections that determine who and how we are in the world. It is closely linked to team coaching and the work I deliver for Fields of Learning. Find out more information here:


Why Story?

Storytelling is an ancient art form and has the ability to communicate, influence, transform and inform. Stories help make sense of life and give value to yourself and others. Whatever a group’s purpose, story-skills can provide a great set of techniques to engage, energise and creatively explore themes, issues and processes with which the group is concerned. Whether in the realm of fact, fiction or fantasy, story-skills allow a group to explore story-sharing, inventing and learning from the stories themselves.

What might the work look like?


Session 1 – ½ day (3.5 hours) 
Pre work: Read narrative article 

Workshop Content:

  • The importance of storytelling & types of stories

  • Storytelling practice

  • Neuroscience of story

  • Collecting / mining for stories

  • Crafting this teams story

  • Leadership story telling

Session 2 – ½ day (3.5 hours) 2 months later

Pre work: Check actions from last time & read a second article
Come with a short personal story 3 mins long – can be anything if possible a good work story – something that happened to you recently or in the past – following the story structure 
Workshop Content:

  • Spend time revisiting your mission values and strategy, reviewing actions from session 1 

  • Crafting a story using the basic story structure already discussed 

  • Bringing a written story to life in terms of how you present it orally and visually 

  • Practice presenting to key stakeholders – your teams, key individuals, the SMT, the board        

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